I’m going to try and bring some of the cool or interesting stories I’ve found in my work at the DADvocate Project over here to the DAD-O-Matic community in the coming weeks and months. Today I’d like to share a music video buy Jean P that I think is just awesome:

Over the course of the last year I’ve written about the DADvocate Project a few times. Today I want to solicit the readers of Dad-O-Matic one last time to participate in the 2010 survey. I’m closing the first survey at the end of March and will be working to publish the results by the end of May in time for Fathers Day.  As of this writing there have been 395 participants in the survey. I’d like to get as close to 500 participants as possible and we have already seen some pretty incredible results about how today’s fathers are involved with their families.

Interestingly on Sunday March 6th  I wrote an article on a UN study that says just the opposite about fathers and that really fatherhood should be classified as a series of relationships men have with various children over time. The fact that world organizations are publishing this type of rubbish only increases the need for the type of study I’m conducting and proves the values of the findings.  I hope all dads out here choose to participate in The DADvocate Project study on fatherhood.

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  1. Good luck in your project. I have read the slides on Slideshare and hope to see more incoming articles.

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