1. Well played!

    I admire your ability to step back and take a look at the situation and how you’re reacting to it. Too often as parents, we assume that we’re right: we’re in power, and things are going to go our way, dammit!

    The danger in this, of course, is that we act just like our parents, just like our teachers, or just like our bosses. We suck the fun out of life.

    And what kind of life is worth living if it’s not fun?

  2. Jason of Kim & Jason

    Thanks Dave. It’s nice to have a few parenting victories now and then, if only to offset the many and humbling defeats 🙂 And to answer your (rhetorical) question, NO life is worth living if it’s not fun.

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  4. Parni

    Dude, why didn’t you write a fukin interpretation to your comic ????????

    best regards
    Heinrich Hertz Schule

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