Coming Home

I know we’re called Dad-O-Matic and our reason for being is to be a platform for dads by dads but our primary focus is actually on our children and our families. This news item sure brings home the message loud and clear. I doubt anyone can watch this and not be moved as I was. This 90-second video should inspire our President and government officials enough to excellerate the process of bringing our troops back home where they belong. As you will see, it’s not just for the men and women of our military but more importantly for their children and spouses. It’s for the benefit of all our families and as a result our nation as a whole. Let’s remember all of those moms & dads, sons & daughters that have served for us and continue to serve for us this Memorial Day Weekend…and every day.

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The next time you’re at an airport or anywhere else and see our boys and girls coming home, please give them a nice warm welcome home as in this wonderful tribute.

Here are a bunch more heart-warming reunions. Thanks to Alyssa Milano for sharing these on twitter.
Here’s a wonderful blog dedicated to these reunions: Welcome Home Blog

2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Paisano,

    Great post. You hit home with this one. It’s hard on us parents but we’re able to cope much better than the kids. The kids take it the hardest and once you’ve lost precious days, week, months or years – there’s no getting them back.

  2. Thanks for putting this together, Doriano. It means a lot to the Soldiers, although sometimes it’s hard to be recognized like this. Much appreciation!

    Have a great holiday!

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