1. Good Point. We do shield our kids from everything these days. I thinks parents don’t want there kids to go through what they went throught so they shield them from whatever possible but I guess that is doing them a disservice later in life.

  2. Love it! Very thoughtful way to look at an everyday occurrence.

  3. Great post! My girls ride the bus everyday…I’m a big believer in them getting the whole school “experience”. I always ask them, “are you a front of the bus kid, or back of the bus?” (there’s still that dynamic alive and well today…they do share the stories with me). Funny, like me, they always pick the middle rows, just enough to hear what’s going on in back, but far enough away to avoid trouble 🙂

  4. Thanks guys! We make all 4 of our kids ride the bus at least once a day. It’s good for the soul! Not to mention learning all sorts of new words. Vocabulary is important, right?

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