Friendly to the Extreme?

Here’s an excellent from Chris Cuomo that aired on 20/20 recently about children diagnosed with Williams Syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder that affects one in 7,500 newborns. One of the tell-tale signs is an enormously friendly and outgoing personality. While this is sweet and wonderful in most situations, it can become very dangerous for their safety around the wrong people, namely strangers with malicious intent. Imagine the pain of being a parent as you worry about your sweet child’s well-being.

Chris visits a camp for children with Williams Syndrome and talks to a bunch of these little angels. He also talks to some of the camp counselors and parents about this disorder and how to deal with it.

One thought on “Friendly to the Extreme?

  1. Wow. That was an amazing and inspiring report. Thanks Chris and Pai. I have never heard of Williams Syndrome before and found this fascinating on many levels. So glad you have shared it with the Dadomatic community. Life is truly full of wonder and surprises!

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