1. Good call. I think part of the problem is that people initiate these things with great intentions, but they forget to actually offer something. It’s one thing to have a day, but a whole other thing to do something positive and productive with it that’s out of the norm.

    I’m sure they meant well initially.

  2. What do you do on single parent day, send yourself a card? lol I was a single mom, and I appreciate the idea at least, but I agree, seems like a hallmark move to me.

  3. Dad the Single Guy

    Thanks Adrienne. It just has a weird feel to it. The idea is right, but execution certainly not.

  4. Dad the Single Guy

    Thanks Brandon. One of my favorite things in the morning is to watch John Eliot on WCBS TV here in NYC. He announces all of these crazy day’s one at a time each day-national brownie day, national take a nap day etc…well intentioned, yes, but poorly executed.

  5. You’re not alone. I think Hallmark created this day since we single parents wouldn’t be buying “Happy Anniversary” cards or the really sappy ones with the rose that’s all airbrushed and says, “For my loving wife…”. Now you can buy yourself a “Happy Single Parent Day!” card to remind yourself that the lawn needs to be cut, there’s laundry rotting in the washing machine, you’re out of milk, you forgot to tell your son to bring his cub scout uniform to school so that he would have it for his meeting, your daughter’s planet project is due tomorrow, and your date from match.com won’t look anything like her profile pictures and you’ll be too nice to not still buy her dinner. $3.99, but at least it has glitter and plays Aretha Franklin when you open it!

  6. Dad the Single Guy

    Thanks Ray for reading. Maybe for next year I can come up with ways to actually recognize single parents, and make the day meaningful.

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