1. Reneeankrom

    He does look just like you!! When I see him it reminds me of when we were kids…(good and bad times)
    I love you! Renee

  2. Anecia Price

    I am experiencing all those feelings with my little Sisters here lately. One is twenty years old, the other sixteen. I helped raise those girls and now they’re practically women! They’ve got very good heads on their shoulders though, and I feel I might have a tiny part in that since I’m constantly warning them about the world!

    Our Mother is in the hospital right now, she’s been there twice in the past two weeks. She is very sick, and my Sisters have been leaning on me for strength. Today my middle Sister looked at me and for the first time in years, I saw that scared little girl she used to be in her eyes. So vulnerable and unsure… I almost lost it!  I just hate that they have to go through this at such a young age, I sure didn’t have to worry about stuff like this. Loosing your parent has got to be a child’s worst nightmare.

    But, Mom has raised three strong young women, and we can’t forget that. I may have to act very grown up in the weeks or months to come…. but I am my Mothers Daughter, and a child of God. Life isn’t always fair, but we were never promised it would be.

    I’m glad I read this article tonight. Thanks for letting me vent Steve, I needed it! 

    -Anecia Price


  3. Dorajohn

    Just wait until ;you take your grandchild wiht you somewhere, and a person you haven’t seen in a few years knows it is your grandchild becuase he/she remembers your child as a boy.  My grandson looks just like his dad.  Doris Johnson

  4. Maria Del Conte

    There’s just something about that feeling when someone tells you you look like your daughter/son. I like the way you see things now. I never thought of it that way. My daughter is 27 now, and she is a successful career woman, wife and mother. She wears a lot of hats, and I admire her. We have side by side pictures on Facebook over the years. My Junior Picture against hers, my baby pictures and so on and so on. Then along came my grandson, and he looks like me. Same face, same smile same silliness and well to describe it a young soul. There’s an extreme bond because of it I believe. Anyway, I look forward to watching them all grow and we’ll still have those side by side pictures, but I’ll only see them up to a certain point in life. This was a very good reading, and very emotional. Thank you.

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