Here’s an interesting new solution called Life360 whose slogan is “Your child’s safety comes first”. They offer several tools for protecting your family. The most compelling being the emergency alert system called Family GPS Tracking that instantly notifies other family members the moment you find yourself in trouble. You can get the app for iPhone or Android mobile devices or even a small GPS device for your children ($100 + $10/month).

Another product is the sex offender location monitor. It’s something we’ve seen before for free online and with apps but this one does a bit more than just display a whole bunch of scary dots around your neighborhood. It might not be for everyone but for those who can stomach this unsettling information, Life360 will even send you email alerts whenever there are updates for locale offenders.

I like the emergency messenger tool which ensures a method of communication among family members. This can come in handy when your loved ones need you the most. The Emergency ID card also seems like a useful product as it can contain important information for each family member such as medical allergies, address, contact phone numbers, and more.

For how and why Life360 came into existence, here’s an interview of its CEO Chris by Jason Calacanis on This Week in Startups #93.


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