Like_Father_Like_Son_Poster_Resized (1)“Life Father, Like Son” is a powerfully moving film that truly makes you think about the true meaning of love and family. The premise is rather simple but so incredible in its delivery: Two families learn that their sons were accidentally switched at birth so they have to swap them with each other after several years. At first you think, well, ok, they should be happy that they caught this horrific mistake rather early enough so they could raise their own child but soon they all learn how difficult it is to let go of the child they raised from birth as their own.

It really is an important film to experience as it makes you realize more about parenthood than you ever considered before. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some of this because we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt our first born. We eventually had two more children, a boy and a girl. What I learned was that I can honestly tell you that I love all three of them equally the same. I have never thought of them as adopted or flesh and blood. I love them completely with all my heart and soul. I just remember them each as a baby in my arms late at night as I fed them a bottle while rocking them gently back to sleep. I still see them that way which is quite a trick when Nick is not a towering 16 year-old High School football star.

Please watch this movie (it has English subtitles) and I promise you that your view of family will change for the better. It always made me cringe whenever someone would say they didn’t want to adopt because they wanted to have a child of their own. Ugh! I want to grab them and tell them that raising a child makes them your own and you become their own mother or father.

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