Love is Action Not Just Words

Everyone gives love lip service but it’s action not just words. We men especially need to learn that it’s important for us to show our love with actions and not just our mouth. It’s what we do that counts the most. It isn’t the flowers or mushy greeting card or expensive gifts, but the every day little things we do for our wife and kids. (Oh, that doesn’t mean you can stop getting those things by the way! Do that at your own peril).

Here’s a great example from *He’s Just Not That Into You* where the Jennifer Anniston character visits her parents’ home to visit her ailing dad and she sees her sisters’ husbands all watching a football game and then sees her ex-boyfriend (played superbly by Ben Afflack) in the kitchen doing dishes after doing the laundry and some food shopping for her dad.
Kitchen Scene

Here’s the follow up scene where she realizes that her boyfriend was more of a husband than her sisters’ husbands will ever be.
Also the finale of the movie so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen it yet and plan to (I highly recommend it!) *Spoiler Alert!*
Ending of He’s Just Not That Into You

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