I love this photo I took a couple years ago because it captured a particular moment in time in our family. You can see the distinctly different stages of our three kids: Baby formula and bottles, Sippy cups and big boy cups.
I do my best to capture the big moments in our lives like everyone does (Birthdays, parties, school events, etc.) but I also try to capture routine or mundane everyday images that we all take for granted but miss so much later on in life. I highly recommend you do the same thing. You’ll regret it if you don’t capture some of your slices of life. Don’t try to rely solely on your memory for all of these things because they will be forgotten in time.

What are some things you should try to capture?

  • Everyday things that come and go like the bottles and binkies like above
  • Things your kids do in phases, for example, our Matthew loved dressing up in costumes the moment he woke up. My favorite was his Willie Wonka getup. He even did the scene where Gene Wilder walks with his cane that gets stuck and he tumbles.

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  • Also take photos of objects that will come and go like Cribs and changing tables and high chairs.




  • I also recommend taking photos of the normal look of everyday living which means including how MESSY things could get! GASP! Yes, document how hectic things got. For example, in the photo below you can see just some of the gear that it takes to entertain a little one! All of the toys, sliders, riders, swings and things. Get ’em all because you will forget most of it.


  • If you have pets, don’t forget to capture their everyday moments as well. Our King Charles Cavalier Cookie loved hiding among the stuffed animals for a brief respite from the kids. Remember the E.T. scene in the closet?


  • Cookie and our first born Nicholas. They are still inseparable. Here they were as puppies together.


  • Don’t forget to capture the kids at play. Here are shots of them just running across a bridge at the park and playing in the water fountain which we still do a lot.


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  • Grab those moments when the cousins all played together too. Include traditions and regular things you did a lot. For example, the kids always love having an icy treat when they swam. It would vary from time to time, Popsicle, ice creams, milk shakes, slushies, etc.


  • Thanks to the age of digital cameras and smartphones with good quality cameras there are no more excuses for missing out on any memories, however big or small. Try to always be ready. You can always delete photos you really want. Here’s a cute one when Matthew and Rachel had a battle of the bottle. It was all spontaneous and didn’t happen ever again as far as I can recall but I’m glad I caught it. You will be glad you did too. Trust me!


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