1. My advice is not to “date”. Definitely go out. Be social. Meet women who are “friends” at first because that’s really what dating is anyway, but your daughters don’t need the anxiety and neither do you of “dating”. My situation was different because I was separated and eventually divorced, but I found that when I did “date” it didn’t work very well. I did end up having a “friend” who I eventually dated and my kids met her when I had guy friends around too. It was no surprise to them later when she eventually became a girlfriend, but my kids had already hung out with her a few times so there wasn’t an awkward “meet the girlfriend” moment. It was more of a natural progression.

    If you’re ready to meet some new friends, they will be ready. They want you to be happy and if it’s the right woman they will all get along, but if you approach it in a formal way it becomes a big scary awkward deal and who needs that?

    I have a feeling God is going to put a good companion in your life when you’re not even expecting it. That was my experience too.

    Good luck!

  2. Dad the Single Guy

    That is actually great advice Ray, thanks. I am slowly heading down this path, but was doing so more by feel than as if I had a plan. Appreciate it.


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