1. Peter

    Read this over a while back and wanted to say that your kids will definitely follow what you do rather than what you encourage them to do. If you’re jaded about faith, they will be, too. By not having it a part of your life, it’s pretty much a guarantee that they will not really have it as part of their lives, either. I can appreciate your conundrum, but if you don’t have faith, that’s most likely what will be passed on to your kids. That doesn’t mean they won’t decide differently, but kids learn from what their parents do more than by what the parents encourage them to do.

    Not going to try to share my beliefs at this time – that doesn’t seem appropriate and you don’t know me at all. Just passing on my observations. It’s kind of like the parents I know who push their kids into (insert sport/activity here) and start putting that higher than being part of their faith community. The kids learn that their faith isn’t as important as their activity, especially since mom/dad don’t treat it as important. Ties in loosely with Proverbs – Train up a child and all that (though admittedly this is more about training them according to their particular interests/skills/makeup, but still holds somewhat with faith).

    I hope that you find the answers for which you’re struggling. I can’t even imagine going through what you’ve been through.

  2. Dad the Single Guy

    Thanks Peter for your comments. It is a struggle, one day at a time, and you are right and I know it, they girls will take their cues from me. But I also need to figure out how to work my way through it too.

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