1. My mother tells me this all the time, but I disagree. I see so much documenting of the moments, that you’re not really *in* the moments. Kinda like going to a concert these days and seeing nothing but a sea of smartphone screens in front of ya’; I find it depressing.

    Am I going to forget a lot of it? Probably. But at least I was actually there…

  2. Typical Dad

    I beleive that it is possible to do both. Be in the moment and take lots of pics. You just have to pick your moments. I still forget lots of moments, but it is wonderful to have little reminders around of some truly wonderful experiences. Also, the pics are great for family members that live too far away to experience all of the joys of young children.
    You do have a point though. You should not get so caught up in taking pictures of your child at play that you forget to actually play with the child

  3. steveholtconsulting

    I actually agree and disagree with you. I am more likely to forget to take the picture than to forgot to enjoy the moment. But documenting what my family does is akin to me writing a book about my family I think. That is what I was trying to say in the article. We still love to go back through my Google+ photo albums to look at them. And I always like to buy the t-shirt of the places we go. Wearing the t-shirts reminds me of the great times we had on that trip!

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