10th Anniversary of 9/11

Believe it or not, it’s the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We’ve honored those lost on that tragic day every year since 2001 and knew this milestone was coming but it still feels like it came too quickly. It feels like it all happened yesterday and yet it also feels like a lifetime ago because we were all changed forever on that day. Despite all of the horrors and all the shock and pain that followed as we learned the severity of the events, we also witnessed an unbelievable display of love and community as everyone banded together like never before. All of a sudden, all of the barriers that separated us were thrown aside as we realized that we were all one family. Our friends and neighbors needed our help. The beauty of this side of humanity shined a brilliant light that overcame the bleak darkness that caused the nightmare to take place.

I remember seeing so many stunned people in the streets holding up flyers with photos of missing loved ones. They were desperate to find out what happened…the anguish and fear was written all over their faces. I sat down and drew this picture as I noticed the Statue of Liberty stood there in the smoke filled harbor looking at the place where her beloved twins once stood. That’s what inspired this drawing. I share it with you today in honor of all those we lost that day and for all of us who’ve changed for the better.



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