Zachary, 10 Years Later: A 9/11 Reflection

We were getting ready for church. I was shaving.

“Zachary,” I said, “They are probably going to be talking about 9/11 today at church.”

“So is this a national holiday?”

“No, I wouldn’t say ‘holiday.’ It is a day of reflection.”

Lucas asked, “What does ‘reflection’ mean?”

I answered, “Reflection means ‘thinking about.’ People will be thinking about what they were doing 10 years ago today. I didn’t come home to your mother 10 years ago. I was in New Jersey and I couldn’t get back into Manhattan.”

“Why?” Zach asked.

“Because they shut all the bridges and tunnels.”


“Because they were afraid something else bad was going to happen.”

I continued, “I remember when I finally got home the next day. Momma was pregnant with you and I remember thinking, ‘What kind of world are we bringing Zachary into?'”

“One that I could make better,” he said without a pause.


:: Joe Hage is the chief storyteller for Medical Marcom, a medical devices marketing consultancy helping medical companies become more approachable and engaging. ::

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