1. Incredibly awesome!

    My 6 year old granddaughter also loves to be in front of the camera and do her ‘documentaries’ on whatever might be around her at the time. We have ones on our dogs, some squirrels, and counting to 100 while jumping on a trampoline.

    Due to the ease of always having a video device (phone) around, this is a joy us parents and grandparents have that our own parents missed out on, or had much less access to.


  2. Chris, you know about http://goanimate.com/ ? My kids love it…make their own animated, talking cartoons.

  3. How us camera shy parents are going to be beaten by our so used to it kids in years to come.

    A great idea Chris and if it helps build their confidence even better!

  4. thanks for sharing this! i am trying to figure this out now. on my blog i have a section called “kids raising parents”. kids giving honest practical advice. some of it is good, some not so good. trying to figure out the kids and media thing. would love for u to check it out and give feedback if you had some time.

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