1. absolutely! thank you for sharing this.

  2. Great post Jeff.
    Thank YOU for writing it.

  3. I’m thankful you contribute as much to this site as you do.

    Hey, Delaney, I took your lead from last year and grew a mo’. Seems as though my face isn’t the fundraiser I hoped it would be. http://budurl.com/JoesMo

  4. @Ana, thank YOU for commenting.

    @Dave I appreciate it! This is always an odd feeling time of year with lots of joy and melancholy, so it is great to have the support of friends!

    @Joe Same to you! Glad you are part of the Dadomatic community (and good luck with that MO!

  5. super powerful! thanks for the reminder to walk daily in gratitude/thankfulness.

  6. Hi, I really appreciate your blog. Great!

    Happy Friendship day quotes

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