1. Cmtodd1000

    Creativity is simple and wholly underrated. Engineers are some of the most creative people you’ll meet, most just can’t tell you how they feel about something . Creativity stems from kids understanding that there are multiple ways to express themselves. As a parent or teacher this is nurtured by helping them understand how to express themselves as easy as possible. Help them learn how to draw, ask them how they thing they should draw something, or play make believe (“what do you think you should do now?”). If you don’t make them think, don’t expect much.

  2. Great points. Thanks for sharing them.  You are right, drawing and “play” are so important in developing a creative mind.  

  3. Anonymous

    I think that, as you kind of pointed out, parents who show ways of expressing themselves get kids who are able to express themselves. Kind of like leading by example. My wife and I try to encourage play in our 2 year old daughter by doing “Family Band” where we all play different kid instruments, or making things with playdoh or building things with blocks. I think that toys too can either foster creativity (Legos, Minecraft, Play Doh.) or they can’t (Transformers, GI Joe, etc.) of course, even saying THAT, I’m putting an unintentional limit on creativity.

    Foster a safe place to share and grow and think up new things in a loving environment, and I think that all kids are creative.

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