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I Looked Up Cute In The Dictionary and This Is What I Found…

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Visiting Day At The Kids’ House (and Dinner for Dad)

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(Half) Marathon Man

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Shattered Dreams, And Hope For The Future…

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If You Can Read This… Be Thankful!

5 Professions Every Parent Needs To Add To Their Resume

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Social Media Club Takes Dads On Tour – Atlanta This Week!

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A Father’s Nightmare

Degrees Of Fatherhood

A Man Inside (Intel)

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Book Review: Crazy For The Storm – A Memoir Of Survival

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A Father’s Day Gift For The DASHing Dad! (and a chance to win one)

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Cast of Dads #21: Memorial Dazed

Getting the Intel on Intel at the “Upgrade Your Life” Event

Cheese & Chocolate: Two Tips For An Awesome Graduation Party!

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Graduation: A Commence-meant To Be!

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Training Your Kids (And 3 Things That Are Worthy Of Praise)

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Cast of Dads #17: Tears For Fears

An Education on Education: Chris Lehmann Talks “School 2.0″ At #140Conf

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Fatherhood One On One

Respect Kids: They Will Own You One Day!

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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

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5 Ways To Be Prepared When Mother Nature Roars

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They Say Truth Hurts, But Lying Is More Painful

Food, Glorious Food??? Are We Feeding Our Kids To Death?

Cast of Dads #9: Pausing For Valentine’s Day

5 Ways To Avoid A Valentine’s Day Massacre!

Cast of Dads #8: Winging It For The Superbowl

Teaching Kids To Share In A Digital Age

Cast of Dads 7: More On Morons…

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Noise Is Good!

Cast of Dads Episode 6: Keep On Truckin’!

Having “That” Conversation With Your Kids…

Cast of Dads Episode 5: Guys Love Gadgets!

Foursquare And Seven Days Ago…

Reflection and Affection

Cast of Dads 4: Happy New Year (and Making it to Midnight!)

Opening Doors To Your Children’s Dreams

Cast of Dads Podcast Episode 3: Mustaches, Massages & Man Purses!

How A Social Media Guru Helped My Son With His Homework

“Cast of Dads” Podcast Episode 2: Vaccines to Vacations…

The Best Things About Fatherhood Are Free

Announcing The “Cast of Dads” Podcast…

The First Rule of Fatherhood: There Are No Rules!

Happy Melancholy-days! Five Reasons NOT To Be A Scrooge This Year!

Ten Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Kids At Thanksgiving

The Sony VAIO P-Mercial: Family Fun With Video

Mid-Movember (Upper) Lip Service

Digital Tattletales and the Case of the Taken Tahini

The Gang’s All Hair! Grow A ‘Stache For Charity Cash!

Where The Wild Things Are (Or Aren’t)

The Sony Reader: Black and White and Shades of Dorian Gray

100 Faces of Fall: A CyberShot In The Arm

Spaghetti Pie & Making Dinner Memorable For Your Kids


A Family Defined (In High Definition)

Matriarchs, Patriarchs, And The Grandest Of All Parents…

Family Secrets Don’t Have To Embarrass You!

A Bravia New World: Turning “Movie Night” Into “Review Me” Night!

Creating A “No Phone” Zone

Sony’s DigiDad Project… Cool Gadgets, No Baloney!

5 Tips For Back To School Basics!

5 Tips On Fatherhood Your Dad Never Told You

A “Spoof” Is Not Always Funny: Teaching Kids The POWER of Technology

“Funky Wig Man Loves Olivia!”

5 Tips For A Successful Summer Camp Visiting Day!

Protective Wear For Fun In The Sun!

It Takes The Cake!

Drinking With Your Children

Giving And Receiving On Father’s Day!

Photographic Father’s Day Gift Tips

Parents or Paparazzi???

A Birthday Party For A Dollar (store)!

Love Hurts (And So Does Seeing Your Kid Cry…)

Go Ride A Bike!

Without Moms There Wouldn’t Be Dads!

Swine Flu: Teaching Sense vs. Fear!

The Plane and Simple Truth…

An April Foolish Tradition

It Is OK To Play Hookey (Sometimes…)

Spy vs. Spy: When Siblings Spill The Beans…

Curses! Soap Tastes Like $#*%!

Finger Licking Good!

When The Bus Stop Stops…

It’s Your Kid Calling… Now What???

Divorce Is Funny…

The Dreaded Phone Call

Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned At Summer Camp!


Cooking Up A Dream!

Txting Words Of Encouragement

Learning To Bite Your Tongue

Bring Your Work To Kids Day!

How Do You Cope When Your Kids Flee The Coop?

George Washingmachine And The New Year’s Revolution!

How To Give Good Gift!

Holy Days vs. Holidays

Give That Kid A Squeeze! (or Vice Versa)

ET Had It Right: Phone Home!

How To Raise A Rockstar!

Be A Great Person And You Will Be A Great Parent

Baby, You Can Drive My Car… at 13???

Bitter Sweets

Fangs For The Memories!

When Did Daddy’s Little Girl Become a Woman?

where r u dad? dnr is rdy!

How To Tell A KILLER Scary Story!

The Real “L” Word

The BUXX Stops Here!

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