Shaving is one of the best bonding experiences for dads and sons (ok and sometimes daughters much to the chagrin of moms). Whether they use real shaving cream or fake stuff, the kids love pretending to shave like their dad. I don’t know why it is but there’s something fun about this ritual. I highly recommend doing it sometime and find out for yourself.

When it comes to shaving every morning as a grown up I have to admit that it’s not as much fun. It’s a pain in the neck (sometimes literally) having to take a sharp blade to your face every morning. The other frustrating element is the expense and amount of choices there are when it comes to the razors, blades and even the shaving cream. You can try to be cheap and use the disposable razors which isn’t very green and truth be told they are not very good when it comes to getting a close shave (you get what you pay for). You can go the opposite route (which I’ve done for the most part) and go with the top of the line brands where they keep adding more blades and comfort strips and vibrating motions, etc. You wind up paying more and more for replacement blades which is insane when you think about it. The other camp when it comes to shaving is the electric shaver group who love using their rotating blades device to shave. I’ve gone electric a few times with different types such as the wet/dry electric models which lets you use shaving cream but ultimately I never could get a close a shave as I could with a regular razor….so I went back.

The Dollar a month Razor Club

I’m sure many of you have seen this video that went viral not long ago for a new dollar a month razor club. I have to say that I enjoyed it and think it was long overdue. I knew someone had to come up with a better/cheaper solution for cutting our faces.

The DORCO Club

Well, if that dollar a month deal wasn’t good enough for you, someone discovered an even better one. It was revealed that the dollar razor club actually gets its razors from The Dorco Online Store. You can find some excellent deals on decent grade razors with 6-blades! For example, here’s a 10 pack deal for only $10.50!

Double Edge Wet Shavers

Here’s a good piece from Lifehacker about old fashioned double edge wet shavers which includes using shaving brush to lather your face. Here’s a video of how to use the DE razor that your grandfather used to use.

Would you be willing to give these types of deals a shot? Do you prefer electric razors or regular razors? Would you go old school and use the double edge razor or is the extreme cost worth the time saving that you get with the power razors? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Ocagent

    Thanks for writing about this.  This isn’t really about Dorco, Dollar Shave or any other brand. I encourage everyone to pass along this funny video. This is really about how the big brands have been ripping us off for years.

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