Super Heroes

We dads love the whole concept of being super heroes for our families and being able to swoop in and save the day at a moment’s notice, but we all know that we are more Clark Kent than Superman. Still, we do our best to be strong and protective for the ones we love and hope for the best when they are out there on their own while we are far away at work.

The subject of bullying is an important issue here on Dadomatic which is why I’m sharing this wonderful new music video for a song called “Metropolis” by Owl City. It’s a beautiful song and infectious but most of all I love the theme of the music video which involves kids in school and how one sweet kid pretends to become a super hero in order to confront the bullies in his school in order to save his friends. It’s a wonderful story that sadly doesn’t have as happy an ending in real life as in the video.

It’s astounding to me that so many parents don’t realize that their kids are in fact the bullies that are destroying so many sweet innocent kids on a daily basis. I know as a fact that many parents know their child might be mean to others and decide to turn the other cheek and shrug it off as just part of the growing process. I’ve had parents tell me that boys will be boys and that we need to let them work things out themselves like we did in order to toughen them up to the harsh realities of life. Really? I don’t agree with this Neanderthal and barbaric mindset. Yes, we cannot prevent disagreements and teasing but we do not have to let things get out of hand or let them persist for days, weeks, months and unfortunately in many cases years. Far too many precious angels feel no other way out of their painful existence except to harm themselves in an alarming rate. What more do we as adults need to witness before we decide to do more to protect these innocent victims, not just our own kids but ALL kids? What will it take for you to become a super hero? I know I am wearing my cape right now and I am going to recruit as many super heroes as I can for this most worthy crusade to protect our angels.

By the way, even if your child turns out to be a bully, it does not mean you’ve failed as a parent. It’s only a failure if you do nothing about it. You must do something, not just for the victims but for your child as well. Bullying is merely a cry for help and a sign that something is terribly wrong in their world, either mentally or emotionally. Either way, the sooner you help them, the sooner the world becomes a better place for everyone in Metropolis.


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