Teens and Driving

Warning: Some of the content in the followng commercials will be disturbing to some of you. They are graphic in nature on purpose as they are trying to share their message about the dangers of driving too fast, driving drunk or driving without wearing your seatbelts. Mostly, these spots are focussed on young teen drivers but they obviously apply to everyone that gets behind the wheel of a car. I know that these videos have changed my life. I think of them every time I drive and it forces me o be extra safe and careful.

Ironically enough, despite all of my safety efforts, a few weeks ago I got involved in a six-car pile-up! Fortunately, as you can tell, I lived to tell the tale. It was a scary ordeal but I’m so grateful that I survived.

What got me thinking of these harsh commercials was a beauiful song with a similar message about teens and driving called “From Where You Are” by LifeHouse. The lead singer was inspired to write the song for a friend he lost in an auto accident when they were only 16.  However, this video is NOT graphic or disturbing at all. It’s still just as powerful and just as haunting as you watch all of the beautiful young people driving in  long line of cars (symbolically like a funeral procession) into the horizon. So many of our children perish needlessly on our roads. Anyway, watch this one first then the eight commercials.

OK, here are the eight extreme TV commercials that were made to shock you and make you remember its message. Please try to watch them all. Share them too.


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