1. I’ve dealt with this both with my own boys and now with my granddaughters.
    I do believe that article hits it on the head.

    Children don’t want to just be active, they want to be purposefully doing something.

    I’ve tried to lead the granddaughters smarter than I did my sons. Recommending them to read to me, take pictures, or make something. Sometimes though they just want company. 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s music to my ears to hear my kids say they are bored…to me, that means that the technology gadgets they have aren’t fulfilling their needs. I’m bored means, I’m hungry to get my creative juices flowing. We usually play a board game like Pictionary or Scrabble – at least thinking of words and drawing is involved. In times of great boredom, we get our their paint and say “have at it” on a wall in the basement. We can always paint over it, and it buys a good hour plus of creative fun. They love it!

  3. Thank you both for the comments. @Mark, I’m not quite at the “music to my ears” stage.

    Last night, I wanted to take Zachary to choir practice with me. Monitoring potential overload, Mom intervened: “He’s had a very full day. Perhaps another time.”

  4. Zach just told me he was bored. I’m glad I had this article to call up for him to read!

  5. Noahwood

    that did help a little bit but any ways thanks 

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