1. I was rather disappointed with the 20/20 piece. Once again the media focused on the case of older teens, with the case of the 18 year old college student who committed suicide after a sex video of him was posted online. While this falls in the category of bullying, it hardly addresses the real issue of bullying. Kids are being bullied much younger, and in the past weeks alone we have heard of several young teens killing themselves after having been bullied for years. Two of them were only 13. And this is where the real issue of bullying lies, in middle schools around the world, not just in the US.
    While 20/20 did talk to parents of the 17 year old who had also been bullied for years, they should have talked to younger teens as well. Most of the suffering takes place in middle school, more even than in high school. But bullying should be addressed as early as in elementary school. The earlier kids can talk about it, the greater the chance is that some of them will not become bullies, and some of them will not be victims.
    I was a victim myself, and got out alive. Today I am a dad, and watch my kids closely, but luckily, they didn’t have to go though what I went through. Unfortunately, being bullied is still a reality for countless kids today, and it takes more than a story on 20/20 to make it stop.

  2. @David
    I agree that the earlier we address the subject matter of bullying, the better it is for everyone involved. I do think 20/20 did a better job than anyone else has done so far though. I just added new links to this article which now includes the two powerful short films made by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation….one is called Taking Bullying Seriously and the other is Hear Me Out. They are very well done and some of young kids echo your sentiment about how early this all starts. It truly breaks the heart to think of all those sweet kids out there who are picked on and that feel so bad. We will not stop now. This is only the beginning of serious change. I am so grateful to Chris Cuomo and 20/20 and ABC News for tackling this subject matter. They’re also extending their special online with more resources. I will keep adding more on here too. Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience.

  3. Thank you so much for adding all these resources. As you know Pai, last year my son had to deal with a bully in pre-school at age 5. It begins at a very early age for many. Even my daughter who was 4 at the time experienced a classroom full of girls in cliques. Parents and school administrators need to work together to combat the issue of bullying. Education begins at home so the more resources we can provide parents with, the better. Ultimately, schools need be more aware and address incidents quickly and effectively while holding both the children AND the parents responsible and accountable.

    Our story had a positive resolution but so many others do not. Here’s our story: http://dayngrzone.blogspot.com/2010/03/chesterbook-academy-allows-bullying.html

  4. Parents and school administrators need to work together to combat the issue of bullying

  5. Condition Agent Martha Walz, the primary sponsor with the anti-bullying invoice approved last week simply by single votes within the Massachusetts Residence as well as Us senate, stated she got discomfort in order to draft any invoice that would address an epidemic of bullying – on the web and or else – and protect the initial Amendment privileges of students. The lady pored on the laws and regulations regarding additional says and browse several federal government circumstances.“That was obviously a really substantial issue associated with my own – that we do not trample on the city rights of students,’’ mentioned Walz, any Boston Democrat as well as House chairwoman of the Joint Board about Schooling.

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