1. Interesting video Jeff and Chris. I’ve just started to travel more frequently, and as a parent to three younger girls (9, 6, 3), this is a topic that resonates with me these days. On a recent trip to Vegas, I had the opportunity to talk with my family via Skype who were back in the Philadelphia Region. The experience was a bit more personal than say a phone call. We were able to see eachother’s faces and expressions. It was particularly fun explaining the time difference. My kids couldn’t understand that I was just about to eat dinner when they had already done so 3 hours earlier and that now (during the time of the Skype session) it was their bedtime. My wife explained later that my youngest was kind of freaked out about the whole Skype session and was looking for her Daddy. Using this technology may help bridge that time away ftrom my family. Good stuff guys

  2. Thanks Drew! Interesting that your youngest was a little spooked by Skype. You might try doing it with him at home from one computer to another so he gets a sense of how it works, and that you can do it wherever the computer is… just a thought. Thanks for sharing!

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