1. That is great. You’ve got it right.


  2. I remember reading this several years ago and going WOW!


    Other related stories ….



    I love it too!

  3. Beautifully written, Jeff. Awesome magic!

  4. As a friend on Facebook said, “Introspection is good. Magic is awesome.”

  5. It’s hard to compete with magical moms. But it shouldn’t stop dad’s from dabbling in the arcane arts. Thanks for sharing the reminder to all of us dads.

  6. Valasie August

    Jeff…This is an awesome way to honor your wife’s amazing heart connection with her children and to use it to inspire some new ways to create magic of your own. Thanks for sharing this AND the site. I have forwarded it to my son-in-law (hah…the mother-in-law’s suggestion!) as it looks like a terrific place for sharing ideas…Valasie

  7. Jeff thanks for the inspiration. Your wife sounds like a very cool person.

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