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  1. Yet another young life needlessly lost from the scourge of bullying. Sadly nothing is going to bring Danny back with his family which made this post resonate with me.

    As a Martial Arts instructor who works with a LOT of kids and teens, I am amazed at how many young people suffer from anxiety and depression. Also, in 2016 despite all of the school anti bullying programs, govt legislation and widespread public awareness, it seems that bullying is as rampant now as it has ever been.

    I think the best tactic to alleviate the chance of your child being subjected to ongoing harassment and bullying is to become proactive as your child’s anti bullying coach once they start school.

    Asking direct questions to a kid can be very confronting so I’ve found a good way to initiate a conversation about a difficult situation is to ask questions indirectly along the lines of;
    Dad: “Have you seen any kids at school who get upset because kids are mean to them?”
    Kid: “Josh is mean sometimes”
    Dad: “What did you see him do?”
    Kid: “ He called Kyle an “ABC”
    Dad: Really? Poor Kyle. Did the teacher do anything?
    Kid: She told Kyle to say sorry.
    Dad: Does Josh do mean things other kids?

    I get the conversation going without being to pushy. After a while I slip in the question; “” Has Josh ever been mean to you?”

    If it is a “no” I can then ask the question; “Has any other kid been mean?”

    I’ve found the key here is not to react and to be neutral so the child feels comfortable because they are a) getting attention and b) they get a sense of your empathy.

    This kind of calm conversation can pave the way for a long term and lasting communication as your child learns to find their way into the world.

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