1. Loved everything about this. Great job Jason.

  2. Thanks Ian, I’m not sure if I enjoyed the drawing or the writing more!

  3. I wasn’t aware you had a new project going. Nice job!

  4. Fantastic job, Jason. You got a few good laughs out of me too.

    “Don’t: Strangle her.”

    That one got me. And, the painting is great. I love baby Leia and her carrier. Cool light saber treatment and background design too.

  5. John: not sure if you noticed the tiny Rebel Alliance logo on the carrier. Kids sure know how to push their parents’ buttons!

  6. Hey Jason, yeah, that was the part I liked. It even has the “poor” rebel colors like it was ready for Yoda in Dagobah. Surely, Vadar’s carrier would be black.

  7. Great read. Love the humor while making a point.

  8. Jason – this is fantastic! Why is this not in a nationally syndicated column somewhere?

    Perhaps a follow-up post could be on lessons learned from Don Corleone of ‘The Godfather.’ I think we could all glean a few lessons in parenting from that man.

    Thank you for a refreshing post!

  9. Brett, thanks for the great compliment. If you happen to know of a national publication in need of a columnist, please send them my way 🙂

    Great idea on the Godfather; I’ll have to stew on that one.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  10. I’ll sure keep my eyes peeled. I’m also interested to know if you do illustrations for other websites?

  11. Thanks, Brett 🙂 And no, I keep pretty busy doing illustrations for my own site and other products.

  12. Very good. Do you think allowing my kids to watch the Simpsons at an early age will make them understand that, since I don’t strangle them (OK, at least not often) I must be a better Dad than Darth Vader?

  13. Jason of Kim & Jason

    Shane: Can’t hurt. Just be sure to leave the lightsaber in the closet.

  14. Great article, I just stumbled upon it when searching the author of that fantastic Vader/Leia image! Thanks!!!

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