1. Yes, I love this ad!
    Really because I have my own (half) Asian daughter named Sophie who I write to everyday in my blog aptly titled…Dear Sophie.

    Though I’m sure by the time she’s old enough to read it, she’ll think my blog really antiquated.
    But such an effective ad by Google if not only b/c I feel like they are literally speaking to me!

  2. Love it! Is it creepy? Some might think so.
    To me? Very cool. Wish I’d thought of it first.


  3. Terri

    Reminds me of my favorite site that I use every day – http://www.momentgarden.com. its the best way to digitally journal for your children, you select and enter your moments and can invite people to your moment garden – photos, videos, voice only, everything – amazing site.

  4. I think is is really sweet! Would have some privacy concerns, etc. but overall I think it is really neat and a modern-day keepsake…

  5. Jeff Sass

    Thanks for all your comments. Clearly, the Google team struck a (good) nerve.

    @jen, Awesome you have your own “DearSophie.com”. I assume you will post the google commercial there! 😉 (Beautiful pictures BTW…)

    @Todd. More cool than creepy, right? I wish I had done it!

    @Terri, MomentGarden looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    @Meg, Presumably is you are emailing to an account you control it should be private, but I agree it is neat in any event.

  6. Joe Hage

    That’s what I have my Dad-O-Matic posts for! Maybe we have some authors-in-waiting here on your string?

  7. The ad is very well done, but its structure is as standard as it can be: http://pietro.open-lab.com/2011/05/11/from-cafes-in-albinia-to-googles-dear-sophie-customer-bio-narratives/

  8. Cari

    This is the sweetest commercial I have ever seen and it has inspired me to do this for my little angel. Brought tears to my eyes!

  9. Check out our site. This commercial is what it is all about!

  10. below is a link to our website http://www.weekendswithdad.com (regarding the Jeff 5/25/11 post)

  11. SR

    Funny thing is that you need to be a certain age to get a gmail account. Suppose you could just lie about your child’s age. 

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