1. This doesn’t surprise me at all about getting asked about medication. I am with you on avoiding them. As a best man for a friend’s wedding one of my duties was to keep a zantac readily available for him! I had a real conversation with another friend this weekend where I asked, “Do you think I struggle with depression, or do I actually have good reason to be depressed once in awhile?” I’m not so sure that there’s an easy answer for that. Mourning a loss, raising kids on your own, maintaining a household independently, there’s a lot that can bring you down. Do we need meds for that though? Doesn’t that just cover up the spiritual growth that comes from the experience? Keep moving forward, my friend!

  2. Dad the Single Guy

    I am right there with you Ray. I think if I (or anyone else for that matter) had huge mood swings and peaks and valleys it would be one thing. But a little depression is part of the mix of emotions that are life. Its like kids getting a cold. Its a bit PITA at the time, but in the long run it helps.

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