1. If my kid is into sports it will be easy…if he likes opera I will have some learning to do!  Have to invest time in your kids interests no matter what.  Enjoy years of NBA action!

  2. Anecia Price

    Haha! Our 10yr old Son studies Legos like kids used to study baseball cards! He isn’t satisfied with what’s on the shelf either! He likes the old collectables and the ones that aren’t sold in stores… he can tell you when they were made, what their set numbers are, what they sold for, what they’re worth now, and what they’re projected to be worth in the future! He can also tell you all about next years models, when they’ll debut, etc. He works all week for his allowance and saves every penny to buy them, (and he has a HUGE collection!)

    So, I’ve went right along with him…. I watch Ebay sales for him, buy old books all about the subject, and take him to every store in town and the next when something comes out or goes on sale. It’s almost become “our” hobby and I never would have thought I’d be even remotely interested in these little pieces of plastic, ( I even have them insured now! )  I even get to be his “camera man” when he makes Youtube videos showing off one of his new purchases! We laugh when he messes up, and feel a sense of pride when one of our videos gets a lot of hits!

    You’re right Steve, I’m glad that we share that. It’s a connection that’s all ours.. I love it, and I love him for it!

    -Anecia Price

  3. Doris johnson

    It is nicae to hear of someone being involved with their children, but be caareful.  I made a big mistake with my daughter. I should hve been her mother, but she wanted me to do things that she did when she was a teenager, and I did.  I acted more as her friend than her mother, and it lead to trouble. I like what you say about you as a fther, and still think you are a great dad.

  4. Maria Del Conte

    There was a time that I didn’t know anything, so thank God for my daughter who was able to teach me. I know what you mean, there aren’t any words to describe their wisdom. I mean, if it weren’t for my daughter I would know nothing about Facebook or any social media for that matter. But you know, I let her teach me things I already knew, because it showed me what she was passionate about. I wound up also doing things that I actually hated doing like watching her Lacrosse games, and sitting inside a chlorinated closed pool to watch her swim varsity. But I was there, and I knew every one of her friends… I shared those moments, Now that she’s older I get to enjoy so many memories and able to reflect on the friendships she has had, the events and just about every moment of what she experienced. Oh, and I’m much smarter now too because of her. Well, not quite as smart as she is, but I’m getting there.

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