1. Holy crap Jeff! So scary! Glad that Zach is ok.

  2. Deidre

    felicia is like one of my kids. i didnt hear of the accident until it was all over thank God!!! i am so thankful that your son is ok. you just wrote a great story of a parents nightmare and your advice about kids telling the medical people to give info to their parents (or whomever) is great advice.!

  3. Thanks Diedre.  Felicia was terrific and I am so grateful she was there to support Zach through the ordeal.

  4. Thanks Michael.  Me too!!!

  5. Kristine Flaig

    Jeff, I am Kristine, Felicia’s mom.  We had dinner with the kids tonight, Zach seems to still be in some pain, however doing very well!  We are so Thankful that God kept him safe, and gave Felicia the wonderful balance to be able to be there and support him.  This all could have been so much worse, as we all know.  Felicia also called us while waiting on the EMT, I took a deep breath, and told her she needed to stay calm as possible for Zach-I think I went a little Perry Mason too, asked very similar questions that you did.  We are Thankful that God had his hand upon our kids! 

  6. Thanks so much Kristine.  Felicia was amazing and things would have turned out much differently without her.  We are all grateful!

  7. Wow, so yeah…I started off being a bit envious with the Dad2Stummit talk but obviously that changed. It’s every parent’s biggest fear (I think) when our children are hurt and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  8. Thanks Daniel.  I think the fear/frustration is also compounded when you are not with your kids…. the distance adds to the stress.  Oh, and the Dad2Summit was great.  😉

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