Men of Action

Some of us men aren’t that good when it comes to expressing how we feel through words but for some reason we find it easier to show how we feel through actions by doing things that mean a lot to the one we love. Some men are excellent when it comes to sweet talk but sometimes they don’t seem to back it up with actions. I guess when it comes down to it, the most important thing about love is knowing that it’s all about actions and what we do, not just what we say.

Here’s an excellent scene from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” between Ben Afleck and Jennifer Anniston who play a couple who’ve dated for over seven years and she wants to get married but he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t believe in marriage at all. They break up because of this major difference of opinion. She wants him to prove his love by taking the action of marrying her.

Later, when she goes to visit his father who’s recovering from a heart attack she is disgusted by the husbands of her sisters who are just watching a football game and they haven’t done anything to help out. Then she sees her ex-boyfriend there doing dishes. My commitment phobic…wearing an apron and he tells her how he did the laundry and that he went food shopping for her dad and got him some healthy food as well as some non-healthy kind because he deserves it. She is over-whelmed with emotions at this because it’s a powerful display of his love for her. His actions told her all she ever needed to know.

She later visits him to thank him for his kind actions… and tells him that she realizes how much she loves him and misses him and that she’s willing to be with him and give up the notion of marriage if that’s what he wants. She says he’s more of husband than her sisters’ husbands ever will be.

So how does this all end? Does he get his way? I think it’s a wonderful ending for many reasons. Again, his words and actions say it all.

Here’s the end title song just cause I love it…


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  1. Have you ever read The Complete Husband? Amazing.
    Great post. Your posts have a great sense of humor.


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