1. This is real awesome! Thanks for sharing these useful articles!

  2. Honest? I haven’t learned anything from my kids lately. That tells me I’m either not listening, not in-tune, not spending enough time, or some other “not.” I know they are all intelligent, enterprising, creative kids, so it just HAS to be me. Thanks for this piece, Jeff. It was a wake-up call. I’ll be following and keeping you all posted.

  3. Kids can be really insightful, i would go as far as to say very insightful. My kids were at the dinner table with me when i came up with the idea to set up my own blog. Asking what they had done today, they both replied ‘you know dad, lots of stuff’, and that was it (Lightbulb moment), STUFF, and that is what i blog about. I found your post great, right up my street, and yes i have the same problem of 1 little girl wrapping me around her finger!

  4. @Rodney, thanks for chiming in. As parents we always go through stages where we’re not tuned in. I know I have. Sometimes it is really hard to slow down and really BE with your kids, but when we do, it is always well worth it!

    @Richard, thanks! “STUFF” is a great concept! Let us know more about your blog and good luck with it!

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