1. These are great tips Jeff. Although my kids have never been to summer camp, I can only imagine how it feels to be a kid without a parent showing up on visiting day. That’s the type of thing that kids will never forget.

  2. TNANKS!

  3. All god things to remember. At Swift Nature Camp we do not have a specific visiting day that way kids do not feel left out if their parents can not make it to camp. Also if parents want to show up they can any time… but only about 10% do even for new campers. So maybe look for a camp that has less pressure on parents to show on a specific day.

  4. Thanks Jeff. I know some Camps have an open visiting policy. I am not sure that’s best either, though, as the kids who don’t get visited are constantly reminded. At least with a set “Visiting Day” all the good and bad are taken care of in one fell swoop!

  5. Genai Taub

    Dear Juff, we have 2 visiting days this week end back to back. we are staying in hotels close by the camps the night before so we wake up in the morning less stressed and only have a close car ride to camp. when those gates open in camp i want my children to see us right away. we are very sensitive to all children. i hope to high heavens every child has a family member visiting them but i will do my darnest to acknowledge every camper in my childs bunk. thank you for encouraging a little something for every bunk mate. you’re the coolest.

  6. @Genai Thanks so much and have a GREAT visiting day with your kids!

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