1. I’m a techy and love gadgets! My favorite is the wireless printer that we can print to from any laptop connected to our router. It makes life so much easier not having to plug into a printer or use the desktop computer every time we want to print something!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  2. ahhh Harmony. My home could use some. Especially since the toddler has expertly hidden our old one. Seriously, not even two and he has completely disappeared it. The Davids (Copperfield &Blaine) better look out.

  3. Oh yeah, and we try to make our life simpler with gadgets. The old remote was supposed to do that but these days it’s the programable coffee maker that helps the most.

  4. This remote sounds like a good idea. I have an old Sony universal remote, but I never updated it to work my cable box or a newer DVD player, so I’m still using 3 different controllers and they end up on the floor, an end table, or a coffee table…and yes, from an iPhone to laptops, digital cameras, etc. being a dad is all about using all of these electronic toys to spend time and share things with our kids.

  5. Peter

    It would be pretty convenient to just have one remote again. We’ve been all over the place on remotes. Our toddler hid a remote in the HVAC closet, around the corner. It was missing for 6-8 months before an HVAC tech came out and asked if we were missing something. Pretty impressive for small hands to hide something around the corner in that closet. 🙂 As for simplifying, getting coffee through our Keurig is probably the biggest one right now. While I have plans to install timers and computer controls at some point, we’re just not ready to tackle that expense. I have no intention of letting the utility company install their “smart” meters unless we absolutely have to. I don’t like the idea of someone else shutting down systems without our knowledge/consent.

  6. Help…help..help… Not technical AT ALL. Currently have 3 remotes and my college children have now moved out. So who is here to help me figure the situation out. They don’t want me phoning / texting when I can not deceide what button to push. I generally throw my hand up and walk away.
    Thanks in advance!!

  7. Steve Purks

    I must confess I am an addict to channel surfing and have relied on programable
    remotes to replace other worn out remotes where key buttons
    get unresponsive from overuse!

  8. Steve

    What I really need is the Harmony One to gain more control in my home. All of my gadgets have me going crazy with remotes. I have eight of them sitting by me right now . . . several of them will work multiple of the devices, but for a few functions I still need the main remote for the device. Help!

  9. Congratulations Ray! Things in your family room are about to get under CONTROL! The names went into the proverbial hat, and yours was picked to receive the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote. I’ll be contacting you shortly to make arrangements to send it your way.

    Thanks to EVERYONE for your comments! We hope to have other cool giveaways soon so stay tuned, and thanks for your continued support of Dad-O-Matic!

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