1. Tim Dahl

    We’ve got a cat. Though, I would love to add a dog to the mix.

  2. Matt Sternberg

    My family had dogs as a kid and I always wanted to share my life with more dogs but moving around and the usual excuses of a 20 / 30 year old prevented me.

    When my then girlfriend moved out to LA to live with me I was almost as excited for her as her amazing black lab, Riley ;). Riley was a “once in a lifetime dog”. She understood everything you said and was incredibly lovable, sweet and as a 100lb hound, protective. When Riley turned 7 we found her a sister, Ruby. The snuggliest black lab ever.

    Riley stayed with us just in time to see the birth of our daughter. When Riley went to doggy heaven we were comforted by the love of Ruby. Our plan has always been to have at least 2 dogs, providing one a companion when when she (we’re girl dog people) turns 6 or 7. The older dog teaches the younger and the younger keeps the older young and playful.

    Now with our daughter in Kindergarten and my wife and I working we have not found the time or have the requisite level of attention to get Ruby a sister. She’s 10 1/2 and we worry that we may not be able to before her time comes.

    The thought of not having a ‘big stinky hound’ around is worrisome and a bit terrifying. You’d think that the prospect of not having to get up in the middle of the night in a snowstorm to take her out, cleaning up an accidents and having to play when you just want to chill would be welcome. At least for me and my wife, it is most assuredly not. 

    Thanks for posting, Jeff. Our dogs are as much a member of our family as anyone else and have taught and continue to teach us lessons every day.

  3. Thanks so much Matt (and for sharing the awesome picture!)  I have many pics of my toddlers with BIG dogs. You should definitely get a puppy soon.  It iwll make Ruby young again!

  4. Thanks Tim.  I like cats too, and have had many, but there is something special about “a boy and his dog…”

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