1. I’m with you on the “ink dilemma.” I’m not a huge fan of tattoos myself, mostly because I can’t think of anything I love that much I want it permanently inked on my body. Not to mention what my opinion might be in 10, 15, or 20 years!

    Thankfully my kids aren’t old enough to be getting inked (yet), so that conversation is a ways off. My only advice to them is that if they choose a tattoo, make it meaningful, and preferably in a discreet location! Given how fashion trends change, there’s no telling what public opinion will be like in a generation or two.

  2. Hi Jeff! Just realized you’re a writer here… I’m with DT above on the “ink dilemma” – not a huge fan, but kid not old enough for it to be an issue yet. Whenever I see photos of heavily tattooed people I think of their mothers and what they might think. But then I realize it’s me looking at someone through my personal definition of beauty and not theirs.

    I guess the best one can do as a parent is make sure our kids don’t make any *permanent* yet avoidable spur-of-the-moment decisions.

  3. Jeff Sass

    DT, thanks for the comment. Yes, discreet location is key, and I think that’s what my son had in mind when he chose the inside of his arm, and in a position a shirt sleeve could cover if need be.

    Hi Carlos! Yes, next month will be three years of regular posts here at Dadomatic! You are right, we see the world through different lenses than our kids do. All we can do is hope we help them see clearly through theirs!

  4. Anky_sorry

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