1. Thanks so much for the support Jeff. Bummed we aren’t coming to South Florida as part of the tour, but we will be down to Orlando in November and will be seeing you at Blog World I hope too.

    It’s really an amazing thing to see Dad’s ascending right now, and taking on blogging and community in their own unique way. Our experience building Social Media Club shows that most people merely need a little inspiration to start building their own communities. We hope that this tour contributes in some small way towards inspiring local dad bloggers to start coming together regularly, to support one another, to learn from each other and to just generally hang out with each other.

    Along the way, I am going to be connecting the dads we meet to great dad media like Dad-O-Matic, Cast of Dads, Dads Talking and others. I think that this fall is going to be a great time for dads and I am really looking forward to meeting them as I travel around the country and play some small part in connecting them with each other.

  2. Kenekaplan

    Bust out a daddy bash in the Bay Area! All kinds off crazy productive, fun-loving’ daddies out here! This is very cool. kudos Chris and Kristie.

  3. Thanks Chris and Ken! It is great to see the growing interest in dads in the worlds of blogging and social media and the support of readers, organizations and companies. It is a good time for dads and families to share, learn and grow together!

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